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Hotel Operation Experts

Specializing in Exceptional Hotel Consulting Services

Total Hotel Performance

Specializing in Exceptional Hotel & Resorts Consulting Services

Total Hotel Performance,  LLC is a consulting company of seasoned hotel and resort operators. Our team thinks like owners and balances owner concerns with the needs of the brands. Our total approach focuses on every aspect of hotel operations to ensure the best possible return on your investment.


Depth of talent, passion, and love, the hospitality business is what drives us. We want guests and associates to love your hotel.

Regardless of your brand affiliation, let us help you drive performance with the many lessons we learned over decades of hotel operations. In these difficult times, lean on our expertise to guide you to profitable performance, enhanced customer satisfaction/experience, and mutually-beneficial owner/operator relationships.


Total Market Domination

  • Focus on dissecting your Star report™ performance for gaps in performance execution.

  • Develop optimal mix with the markets available, focusing on the net deliverable rate to the owner.

  • Learn how to evaluate business for maximum owner return.

  • Focus on driving business into need period.

  • Develop robust local social catering revenue plan.


Total Financial Excellence

  • Evaluate hotel operating management structure

  • Optimize payroll

  • Extensive Union labor management experience

  • Analyze facilities for optimal use of assets

  • Focus on ownership priorities

  • Optimize Capex Execution- on time-on budget

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Total Hotel Operations

  • Focus on Execution excellence

  • Develop property specific KPI's

  • Improving efficiency

  • Associate engagement

  • Labor Management

  • Union relationships

  • Property Operations

  • Laundry Operations

  • Quality Execution that drives exceptional guest experience

  • Culture Management and building a winning team



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