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The Total Hotel Performance Approach

The Total Hotel Performance Approach focuses on:

Total Commercial Execution

  • Transient and Leisure strategies to optimize Revpar Execution

  • Group Sales

  • Revenue Management

  • Optimal Mix

  •  Website/Public relations/Social Media

  • Reputation Management

Total Market Dominance

  • Focus on dissecting your Star report™ performance for gaps in performance execution.

  • Develop optimal mix with the markets available, focusing on the net deliverable rate to the owner.

  • Learn how to evaluate business for maximum owner return.

  • Focus on driving business into need period.

  • Develop robust local social catering revenue plan.

Total Operating Efficiency 

  • Develop better forecasting techniques to improve labor productivity Execution

  • Analysis every aspect of the operation to insure mini/max results. Minimal effort Maximum result

  • Insure every phase of the operation is optimized to increase torque with every property initiative to drive owner results.

  • Focus on converting every sq ft to drive revenue and profitability

Total Financial Excellence

  • Drive GOP and EBITDA Execution

  • Optimize payroll

  • Extensive Union labor management experience

  • Facility analysis for highest and best use of all assets

  • Focus on Ownership priorities

  • Capex Execution- on time-on budget

Total Food & Beverage

  • Winning restaurants Execution

  • Rightsizing Food and Beverage facilities

  • Optimizing product mix and profitability

  • Minimize waste

  • Optimize profitability

  • Operate efficient F&B operations

  • Reduce labor through good forecasting and planning

  • Give people what they want so they will beat a path to your door

Total Advisory

  • Concept and design for maximum commercial use and operating efficiency Execution

  • Space Programing for profit

  • New Development/Property Conversion

  • Brand and Operator selection

  • Preopening/Repositioning marketing and sales plan


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